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Alpha Chi's History

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Beatrice R. Muckle  -  Founder

Jan 26,1907 - Nov 7, 1989 (aged 82)

Alpha Chi Chapter is located in Portsmouth, Virginia. It all began when Beatrice R. Muckle went out of town to visit friends. While there, she heard of an AWESOME organization made up of professional educators titled National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated.  She was excited and wanted to start this organization in Portsmouth, Virginia.


As a result, Alpha Chi was chartered into the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated on March 3, 1951. Soror Beatrice R. Muckle was the Founder of Alpha Chi Chapter and Soror Beatrice C. Horne was Co-Founder. Sorors Marian Bluitt (Basileus) and Mabel Bouldin (Grammateus) were officers in the parent body of The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa.

There were eleven chartered members in this chapter. They were:

Beatrice R. Muckle - Founder  *
Beatrice C. Horne- Co-Founder  *
Roosevelt Bridgers  *
Viola S. Carr  *
Doris J. Hunter  *
Bessie C. Smith  *
Mary J. Sneed  *

Mildred Stephenson-Sims
Ruth J. Thomas  *
Ruby B. Williams  *
Rosa L. Young  *

      * Omega Chapter

Chapter First Krinon Club Inducted in October, 1951 -- Mayetta Ford, Vivian Imes, Earline Peanort, Margaret Seals, and Mary Burroughs.


List of Alpha Chi Chapter Basilei

Beatrice R. Muckle, 1951-1958

Beatrice Horne, 1958-1961

Earline Peanort, 1961-1963

Viola Carr, 1963-1965

Margaret Seals, 1965-1969

Roosevelt Bridges, 1969-1973

Mary Sneed, 1973-1975

Vivian Imes, 1975-1977

June Turner, 1977-1981

Mayetta Ford, 1981-1983

Mary McDuffie, 1983-1985

Ruth Thomas, 1985-1987

Marian Matthews, 1987-1991

Queen E. Malone, 1991-1995

Frances Bates, 1995-1997

Marian Carey, 1997-2001

Mable Jones, 2001-2002

Evelyn West, 2002-2011

Sandra Marshall, 2011-2013

Marian Carey, 2013-2019

Queen E. Malone, 2019-2023

Marjorie McDaniel 2023-

Alpha Chi Current Chapter Officers 

Marjorie McDaniel, Basileus
Ruth Coleman, 1st Anti-Basileus
Marian D. Carey, 2nd Anti-Basileus
Deryl Winborne, Grammateus
Barbara McDougle, Epistoleus
Carolyn Stiff, Tamiouchos
Shirley Coleman, Tamias
Queen E. Malone, Executive Advisor
Queen E. Malone, Parliamentarian
Bernita Johnson, Dean of Pledgees


Alpha Chi Past National Officers

Queen E. Malone, Supreme Epistoleus 2003-2007

Queen E. Malone, Member-at-Large 2007-2013

Queen E. Malone, National Director of Public Relations 2015-2019

Marjorie McDaniel, Member-at-Large 2013-2017

Marjorie McDaniel, Supreme Grammateus 2017-2021


Alpha Chi Past Regional Officers

Margaret Seals, Regional Grammateus 2001-2005

Queen E. Malone, Regional Epistoleus 1999-2002

Queen E. Malone, Member-at-Large 2007-2013

Marjorie McDaniel, Regional Grammateus 2001-2005

Marjorie McDaniel, Member-at-Large 2013-2017


Alpha Chi Life Members

Corrine Gibson

Queen E. Malone

Mary McDuffie

Marjorie McDaniel (Life & Diamond)


Alpha Chi Eastern Regional Educational Achievement Award Recipients

Lucille Wiggins          

Queen E. Malone 1997

Chapter Anthropos

Alpha Chi Chapter Anthropos group was founded by an Alpha Chi Anthropos named Matthew Peanort.  The group was called Alchis which consisted of approximately 12 men in the lives of the sorors. The Alchis elect officers, meet once a month and their sole, purpose is to support the chapter.  They attend and support all chapter activities as well as organizing all traveling done by the sorors.  Alchi Matthew Peanort, who is deceased, was honored at one of the Regional Conferences as founder of the Anthropos.

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