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Y.E.S. Program  --  YOUTH 

Chapters are committed to sponsoring a variety of community activities that will enable and inspire the youth to attain high ethical, educational, moral, and social standards. Students receive life skills support, academic assistance, test-taking procedures, study skills, tutoring, cultural enrichment and socialization training. Chapters with a KOT are committed to offering a variety of experiences that will enable the college guidance group to become competent, dedicated and effective educators. The chapter provides guidance, career counseling, community service opportunities, educational advice and training in leadership skills for female college students. All interested candidates must display good moral character and maintain at least a “C+” grade point average.


It is a guidance group for female youth in grades 9 through 12.

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KOT is a college guidance group for females pursuing a degree in education.


It is a guidance group for male youth in grades 9 through 12.


They are the mothers, fathers, guardians, and other relatives of the Xinos and Kudos who volunteer to assist sorority members with the supervision and implementation of the Xinos and Kudos activities.

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